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USA / A home schooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her / / director: Aneesh Chaganty. Women In The News – BTC Gets Lots Of Pub More Links That Passed Our Vetting Process Podcast: Cancel Everything Running Related?! Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet which was recorded Wednesday before everything was actually cancelled. 3 Mid-Week Recommended Reads One Final Look At The US Olympic Marathon Trials (Sponsored By HOKA) LRC How Did The HOKA Athletes Do At The 2020 Marathon Trials? 17 HOKA athletes took the Trials, led by Aliphine Tuliamuk, who won the Trials! How did everyone else do? Pretty darn well as HOKA put 3 in the top 8 for the women and 3 in the top 25 for the men.

Running sushi brno. Malayalathil kanan kothiyayi. Run song. Run past tense. Long Run: NB 1080v10, Tempo NB 880V9 or Pegasus 34. ஏ நாற முதேவி சால்னி கடசில சக்தி கால்ல போய் விழ போற சால்னி சீகீறம் துப்பு பட போற. “HUH” Incredible episode do more producer guests, Tay Keith was real af. Worst take was editors “darty” booo. Better Jauz <3. Please don't change character... Run away. Run dmc walk this way. Run to the hills. Run remix. Endha seriala rindia n shyam pakka deivamagal capmari ganesan n his wife vekkam ketta Vijaya va pakkura Gnabakam varudhu.

Run away lyrics. Run boy run woodkid lyrics. Runes of magic. Runtour. Running shoes. Run you. Running Away From The Novel Coronavirus Things are changing so quickly, I wonder if anything I write today will be relevant tomorrow. Earlier this week, I thought it might be interesting that my church was closed because a visiting organist from another church was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few days after she used our organ during a special service, but by mid-week the Bishop canceled all church services across the Diocese of Virginia for two weeks, and now all public schools in Virginia (and other states) are closed for three weeks or longer. Image Credit: NAIAD-RML As for the case of coronavirus at my church, for many reasons including that I don’t use the part of the church building where the organist played and my priest wasn’t involved in the special service, I was never at risk, but the whole situation hit close enough to home to make the fear of contagion real. Continue reading → Celebrating International Women’s Day These days it seems like every day is set aside to honor a worthy cause, but I didn’t want International Women’s Day to go by without taking note. I was fortunate to be raised in an environment that let me assume I was equal to my male peers, and thought the days women were treated as inherently inferior were ancient history. Now that I know how recently women fought to break down barriers I can’t imagine existing, I have a better understanding of the importance of standing up for equal rights. I can show my appreciation for the women who went before me by carrying on the mission to promote women’s rights and gender equality. Enjoying Coffee And Tea At The Ultimate Coffee Date Welcome to the March Ultimate Coffee Date! Deborah and I are glad you’re spending part of your weekend with us. If you link-up, please visit and comment on other coffee date posts–it’s what makes it a coffee date! Grab the html code for the coffee date badge here: Logging The Most Miles In The Shortest Month I’m not one to set monthly mileage goals, but if I did I would never expect to log the most miles in the shortest month. I’m still not sure how I ran more miles in February than I have since April. I guess my weekly 8 mile long runs, a few slightly longer weekday runs, and my long-ish run in Central Park added up and nudged me over that 70 mile mark. Make plans to join the March Ultimate Coffee Date next weekend — Deborah and I will open the (link-up) doors on Friday, and keep the coffee brewing all weekend. Leap Year Runfessions I repented of my non-running sins on Ash Wednesday, but now it’s time to cleanse my soul soles at the runfessional over at Marcia’s Healthy Slice. With an extra day in this leap year February, there’s plenty to runfess. Thanks to Lacey and Miranda for the Fairytales and Fitness Friday Five link up. Since this is a leap year, even though today is Friday, February 28, the first Saturday in March isn’t until next weekend, so make plans to join the March Ultimate Coffee Date then — Deborah and I will open the (link-up) doors on Friday, and keep the coffee brewing all weekend. Continue reading →.

So dirty! Make sure you clean your Deus off after you use it. ;p. Run 3 cool math. Run dmc songs. Runnin cover. Thanks for a great 25 years, Cool Running! To provide a better user experience for organizers and racers alike and ensure compliance with data laws, ACTIVE Network has discontinued the Cool Running website. Endurance timers and organizers are invited to use ACTIVE Results for free, to publish event results for future or past races. ACTIVE Results provides core publishing features, as well as: Modern and mobile-friendly interface with custom-branded results pages State-of-the-art search engine for results indexing Localized language translations for 31 languages A full-integrated experience with ACTIVEWorks and ACTIVE Timing products Select ' Sign up ' in the menu to create a new account and then begin creating your events on the 'Manage Results' page. Historical event results from Cool Running will not be automatically migrated to ACTIVE Results. If you’re a Cool Running's timer or event organizer, please contact support with the subject line ‘ Cool Running Data Request ’ and provide an event name, state and year. The ACTIVE team will respond to you as quickly as possible. © 2020 Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and licensors. All rights reserved. Headquarters Active Network, LLC 717 North Harwood Street Suite 2500 Dallas, TX 75201 Company About Us ACTIVE Network is on a mission to make the world a more active place. With deep expertise in activity and participant management™, ACTIVE powers the world’s activities and connects people with the things they love, want and need to do. While still functional in 2020, the Cool Running’s platform was no longer compliant with data laws in the United States and abroad. The legacy infrastructure brought up potential risks that we did not want to leave exposed on the web. We believe that we can provide users with a better, easier-to-use interface with ACTIVE Results for endurance operators. For these reasons, we took the site offline. We’re committed to providing event organizers and racers with an awesome experience with ACTIVE Results. Users can expect an interface designed with data privacy, a mobile-friendly design, and convenience in mind. You can sign up here::/ /results. As an endurance event timer/organizer, with a simple click you can use a variety of scoring software, including The Race Director, Run Score, Race Day Scoring & Active-Timing to directly publish your race results into ACTIVE Results. Why did you remove the Cool Running website? Frequently Asked Questions Each Cool Running event upload featured data in different formats. Trying to force unstructured data into ACTIVE’s structured database would have caused formatting issues, partial data loss and would not provide a consistent experience for participants. Each timer and organizer is welcome to format their results for ACTIVE Results and reupload for free as soon as possible. Why are the Cool Running results not on ACTIVE Results? No. You’ll need to create a new account, but it’s easy to do so. Visit and select 'Sign up' in the menu to create a new account. You can then begin creating your events on the 'Manage Results' page. Upload race results right away via file upload or through our Results API for supported partners. C an I sign into ACTIVE Results using my Cool Running log in? Please reach out to your event organizer. Unfortunately, h istorical event results could not be migrated to ACTIVE Results. Event organizers and timers may have uploaded your race results to multiple sites so be sure to search the event name on other results platforms for timer-hosted results as well. As an event participant, h ow can I find Cool Running results that I am listed in? Cool Running may be at the end of their race, but ACTIVE Results is here to help pick up where they left off. With Integrated race result software for both live and final results publishing, endurance timers and event organizers can stay on top of their game. Explore ACTIVE Results 3. 0 Unfortunately, historical event results could not be migrated to ACTIVE Results. If you would like to access data previously available on Cool Running, please contact support with the subject line ‘ Cool Running Data Request ’ and provide an event name, state, and year. We will do our best to provide an archived HTML copy of the results pages that were previously hosted on Cool Running. Will my Cool Running result s be available through my new ACTIVE account? Yes! You are able to upload right away. Simply create a free account to manage your events and format the data using our upload example template featured in the ‘Manage results’ section of the site. For questions or issues with the upload process, contact support with the subject line ‘ ACTIVE Results Event Upload. ’ Can I upload my result s from Cool Running on ACTIVE Results? The Cool Running site is closed and cannot be accessed. Please contact support with the subject line ‘ Cool Running Data Request ’ and provide an event name, state, and year. We will try our best to provide an archived HTML copy of the results pages that were previously hosted on Cool Running. Can I log in to Cool Running to retrieve my historical results?

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You’ve come to the right place for the tools, skills, and knowledge you’ll need. Right now, our database is limited. We need your help to get every office in the U. S. searchable - volunteer today. Run python. Why when people go through tragic accidents or scares they say shit like it was god or god spared me... I have a what you sayin? the person that DIED didn't have a purpose? somebody lost a loved one cuz god didn't deem them worthy of being spared? stop it. Runaway. Run to the hills iron maiden. Run the jewels love again. லோகவேகலியாணம்பண்ணகூடாது. Runerigus.

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