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Resume: NBA, Euroliga, NBB,NCAA, Seleções e Curiosidades.

/ Matthew Michael Carnahan / scores 3630 Vote / 8,4 of 10 / Star Anne Hathaway / 2019. DuPont: Nothing is more important than profits for the shareholders. Screw the rest of you. We did nothing wrong. We are the 1.

So.. I have been waiting for months for someone to write about this case here, and since no one has I suppose I’ll have to give it a shot. This is my first reddit post so mishaps are bound to happen, English is not my first language, apologies for any mistakes, etc… (is this a meme yet? ) Edit: wow, holy crap! I didn't expect to be given gold! Thank you kind stranger! Edit: I have added more to the bottom of this post to clear up some confusion or add more important information that I missed the first time. Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen (68) is the wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen, an investor and co-founder of a company called Elkraft. They married young, only 19 years old, before Hagen made his fortune. Although Hagen is now one of Norway’s richest people, the 172nd richest according to financial magazine Kapital, he and his wife have seemingly led unassuming, quiet lives. From an outsiders perspective they seem like the kind of billionaires you could only hope to be if you ever found yourself in such financial luck, grounded and down to earth, living in the same house for almost 40 years, in a suburb of Oslo called Lørenskog. Tom drives a simple Citroën car. They are parents and grandparents. You would never look at them and think "ah, rich people! ". Their house looks like any suburban Norwegian home, there’s nothing flashy or noteworthy about it. No extra security surrounding the area either. There are no gated communities in Norway, but there are still security measures one can take, and probably should take if you’re that rich, and the fact that they hadn’t might have been one of the reasons Anne-Elisabeth was targeted. This case reads more like a Hollywood movie than an actual crime case to me, because we don’t really have crime like this in Norway. The police kept the alleged kidnapping a secret until January 9th. Since then little pieces of information have come out or developments have happened in the case, but Anne-Elisabeth is still missing. The police now presumes she has been killed, perhaps even on the day she disappeared. Her family, who speaks to the media through their lawyer, still holds out hope that she might be alive. I’ll try to keep everything precise and easy to follow: In the end of July 2018 Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian newspaper specializing in business news) publish an article about Tom Hagen and how he had earned 174 million NOK the previous year. Police theorize that this might have kick-started this whole operation… On October 31st Tom Hagen leaves for work around 09:00am. He arrives around 10-15 minutes later. At 09:14am Anne-Elisabeth has a phone conversation with a family member (early reports said this conversation was with her husband Tom Hagen, but Norwegian media has since changed this to “family member”. Not sure why. If this phone conversation was indeed with Hagen, he must have just arrived at work). Anne-Elisabeth is alone with their new puppy in their house. Only a short while later, at 09:48am electrician and neighbor Tommy Skansen calls Anne-Elisabeth's cell phone. A few weeks earlier she had asked him to switch out some light fixtures in her kitchen and he was calling about this. She doesn’t pick up. He finds it odd that she doesn’t answer, as this is unlike her. More people try calling her this day but the last anyone heard from her was at 9:14am where she either talked to her husband or some other family member. Like I said, it’s unclear who this person on the phone with her was. 01:30pm Tom Hagen arrives home from work, earlier than usual. He immediately notices something is off. Just inside the door there are numerous of Anne-Elisabeth’s belongings laying on a chair. There’s also a long letter, written in broken Norwegian. On the floor he finds a cable tie. The puppy is found locked up in a letter is a ransom note, demanding 9 million Euros in crypto currency Monero. If he doesn’t pay up, a video of his wife being killed will be posted online. The ransom note also says the family is being watched, and his wife’s life is in danger should he contact the police. There are instructions on how to buy Monero included in the letter. 02:07pm Tom Hagen contacts the police in spite of the threats in the ransom note. The police meet with him secretly in a gas station shortly after. November Because of the threats in the letter, the police can’t go out with any information regarding Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance. They have to work very carefully and quietly in their home to secure evidence from the crime scene. KRIPOS (The National Criminal Investigation Service) and ØKOKRIM (National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime in Norway) get involved. The police finds traces of Anne-Elisabeths blood inside the house, as well as a shoe print. It is unclear whether or not the blood was from the day of the disappearance. The amount of blood found is reportedly “not unusual” because she lived there, which I take to mean it was very little. Tom Hagen continues to go to work, people describe him as unsociable and desolate during this period. Neighbors are told Anne-Elisabeth is “away”, and family members are kept in the dark as well. At the end of November family members are starting to feel like something is going on. Finally they find out that Anne-Elisabeth is missing, and there are talks of a kidnapping. No one is allowed to say anything. December The investigation is still top secret. January 9th The police finally allow the media to talk about the case. Norwegian media have known about it for a long time but have been told not to say anything yet. The apparent kidnapping is announced in a press conference after 10 weeks of utmost secrecy. A few days after the press conference, the police releases a video of the area around Tom Hagen's workplace. A man can be seen walking down the road next to Tom’s place of work at 7:36am on the morning of the crime. He then abruptly stops and turns around to walk back the same way from where he came. 24 minutes later, another man can be seen walking down the same way. He is passed by a cyclist, who has been identified. The two other men have never come forward. It has been theorised that these two men might have been a look-out of sorts. January 16th The family receives a new message from the person or people who claim to have Anne-Elisabeth. This message is recieved through crypto currency (bitcoin this time). I’m not quite sure how this works, but from what I’ve read it’s a difficult and insufficient way to communicate. January 27th The family again is in communication with the alleged kidnappers. Some people find it curious at this point that these alleged kidnappers have been unwilling to communicate with the family during the ten weeks of secrecy, but now that the world knows, they are willing to talk. Who is behind this, exactly? Professional criminals who saw an opportunity after the article in Dagens Næringsliv was published and they realised the man in question lives completely unprotected? A family member? Enemies of Tom Hagen? Could it be Tom himself? Who would want to hurt this woman? Rumours are spreading. February The police advice the family not to pay the ransom unless they receive evidence of Anne-Elisabeth’s well-being. This is stressed in every press conference, both in Norwegian and English. The family is hopeful that proof will now be provided, seeing as the alleged kidnappers are now willing to talk, albeit very little. However, they receive nothing. The police interviews a lot of people, including business partners of Tom’s. April After a long Norwegian winter, the police wants to search the lake right next to Tom and Anne-Elisabeth’s house. They employ a police dog specialized in search in water (the same dog who helped in the Kim Wall case). It’s unclear whether or not they actually find anything during this search. Certainly no body or anything like that. May The family decides to attempt contacting the alleged kidnappers themselves. They haven’t heard anything at all since January 27th. No evidence of Anne-Elisabeth’s well-being has been provided, and none is provided this time either. June The police officially changes their main hypothesis. They now believe Anne-Elisabeth was murdered, and not kidnapped for financial gain. They believe the ransom note as well as any evidence found in the house might have been staged to look like a kidnapping. More surprisingly, the police officially cancels any further search of the two men seen in the surveillance video outside of Tom Hagen’s work the morning of Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance. They still have not been identified and it is unknown why the police now believes them not to be involved. July 8th The family lawyer Svein Holden receives an e-mail from the dark web. It is written in Norwegian, and the writing style suggests that it may have been written by the same person who penned the ransom note. According to Svein Holden this e-mail contains information that only a perpetrator would know. The message of this e-mail is as follows: in order to receive evidence of Anne-Elisabeth being alive, the family has to pay. It is again commented on by outsiders how odd it is that this message is received now, five months after the previous one, and right after the police changed their main hypothesis. Tom Hagen decides to pay 1. 3 million Euros in crypto currency. He receives nothing in return. August The shoe print found at the crime scene is sent for analysis to police all over Europe. German police finds out that the print belongs to a shoe by the brand Sprox, and is in European size 45. It is sold in Norway at Sparkjøp. The police now requests help from the public, and everyone who have purchased these shoes in cash is encouraged to come forward. September The cable tie left at the crime scene has been analysed and has been found to be produced in China and sold in Norway at Biltema. Both Biltema and Sparkjøp are fairly common stores in Norway. October The police have now also analysed the paper the ransom note was written on and the envelope it came in. It was purchased at Clas Ohlson, another common store in Norway. All three stores tied to this case are located in Romerike, the district in which Tom and Anne-Elisabeth Hagen lives. It’s closing in on a year since Anne-Elisabeth disappeared without a trace. The entire country is awaiting answers. The 25th of October would have been Tom and Anne-Elisabeth’s Golden wedding anniversary. On Thursday the 31st, 365 days have passed since this all happened. But it is not a Halloween tale, it is real life. What happened to her? Where is she? Could she still be alive after all this time? Edited to add more information or clear up some confusing things: Some people were wondering who the last person to see her alive besides her husband was. The night before the disappearance, Tom and Anne-Elisabeth were in Oslo with a couple of friends to see THE BOOK OF MORMON. They came home late. The show ended at 10:30pm and they had to drive home to Lørenskog. According to Google Maps, the drive from The Norwegian Theater, which is were the show was, to Lørenskog is 22 minutes. These friends are the last ones to see her alive besides Tom (and a possible perpetrator). When neighbors found out that Anne-Elisabeth was possibly kidnapped one of them came forward with information about a grey/silver SUV. He describes a car taking a “weird shortcut” over a patch of grass towards Tom and Anne-Elisabeth’s house on the morning of her disappearance. It was the police’s main hypothesis for a while that she had been kidnapped in this car. Since then they’ve changed their hypothesis but this car could still be interesting! Can’t believe I forgot to add this piece of information!!! The police has DNA on file, it is unknown whether or not this is a partial or full DNA profile. One man described as a witness was asked to deliver a sample. They have requested this from many people, presumably also Tom. The man described as a witness was also checked against the shoe print. As far as I can tell he’s been compliant. He had been inside their home. Possibly a colleague, friend or a neighbor. Some confusion about the use of the word BILLIONAIRE. It is true that Tom Hagen would not be considered a billionaire when you convert his money to USD. However, Tom Hagen is a Norwegian Milliardær and Milliardær is the Norwegian word for Billionaire. Being a Billionaire means having at least one billion units of a currency, in this case this currency is Norwegian Kroner (NOK). See this link for more. International media as well as Norwegian media writing in English have also used the word billionaire in their articles about the case. I’m not saying Tom Hagen is the Norwegian Bill Gates, but I’m saying he’s rich. Hope that clears things up. One user is posting comments saying that they are from the area and there are rumours about Tom Hagen being involved with someone else. While this is very juicy information and a huge motive for a possible killing, please take this information with a grain of salt as there is no official reports on this and village rumours could be untrue anyway. If this is true the police already knows about it, and it is likely the media is also privy to this information and are choosing to withhold it by request from the Police. Some confusion about this phone call the morning of the disappearance as well. The police does know who Anne-Elisabeth spoke to that morning, the public, however, does not. Early reports said that this person was Tom, her husband, but this has since been changed to “family member”. It is unclear why this is, it could be that the first information was wrong and they had to correct themselves, or it could be that the police would prefer this information to stay secret. Of course, nothing is deleted on the internet and you can still find articles in Norwegian saying the person on the phone was Tom. Continuing from that: Norwegian media is very good at respecting the Police and should they request this from them, the media would comply. This is why I believe it’s possible that they are hiding information about a possible motive on the husband’s part. They have no interest in ruining police work. The media is generally well regarded in Norway and have ethical guidelines to follow. A lof of questions about "why didn't he just pay the ransom? " "he must be the perpetrator or he would've paid the ransom immediately! "Well, no. It's not that simple. In a ransom case like this one, police STRONGLY advise against paying. If you pay, you have nothing left to negotiate with. If Anne-Elisabeth was even still alive at this point, what's to say they'll let her go once the ransom has been paid? It has been implied by the family lawyer that the family would've been willing to pay if the alleged kidnappers showed them evidence of Anne-Elisabeth being alive, in form of photos or a video or something to that effect. It's a risky move, paying a ransom. On one hand, you're worried about your family member and you want them back and you'd be willing to pay anything in order to do so, on the other hand, you're scared what might happen once you pay. There's no easy way to deal with a situation like this. I'll continue to update if I see common questions or there's anything else I remember! Sources (unfortunately mostly in Norwegian):.

Dark waters 2019 release date. Ben Affleck is a great actor.(Argo, The Town, Gone Girl) He just doesn't fit in superhero movies. I don't care what anybody says a barramundi is a Nile perch & What the Aussies would call a jewfish. Is a dusky cob. First Hit: An excellent portrayal of corporate malfeasance and arrogance, finally getting its comeuppance.
Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) a corporate attorney, is a thorough pragmatic defender of corporations. He's just made partner in his firm and is a powerful asset to the company because he's so good at his work.
During an important meeting, he's interrupted by Wilber Tennent (Bill Camp) and friend who come from a farm in Parkersburg, West Virginia. They come to see Bilott because Roberts's grandmother, Grammy, is a friend of Tennent.
They hand Bilott a box full of videotapes explaining that no local Parkersburg lawyer will help them with the problem of their cattle dying. They believe the animals are dying because the town's largest employer, Dupont, is polluting the water with chemicals from their facility.
Bilott tries to deter Tennent and not get involved, but Tennent's plea knags at him, so he visits his Grammy, verifies she knows Tennent and then drives to Tennent's farm. When Wilbur shows him his field full of buried cows, 190 of them, he realizes there is a problem.
Although Bilott's firm doesn't have Dupont as a corporate client, they are reluctant to take on a nonpaying client that is going to end up suing Dupont as it will hurt their reputation with their own corporate clients.
However, Tom Terp (Tim Robbins) Bilott's boss, supports Robert continuing his investigation even though his client cannot pay. There is a great scene when all the partners convene to hear and discuss Bilott's work.
Finally, Dupont sends over all the discovery information that Bilott had requested, and it is massive. Hundreds of boxes of memos, reports, and other documentation. Being a team of one, dutifully Robert sits down on the floor and begins categorizing each document by year and subject. This is a great scene because it cements Robert's commitment to do the right thing no matter what it takes.
His years of research comes up with proof that Dupont knew that they were poisoning people and animals through the creation, use of, and byproducts from POFA (C8) a chemical creation used in Teflon the non-stick coating that everyone was using. C8 is one of those chemicals that cannot be broken down by nature, let alone the human body and therefore it stays in the body and slowly causes various types of cancer.
The film takes us through this story as it develops over the years of difficult lonely hard work on Bilott's part. The filmmakers did a great job of showing the passage of time by giving the audience quick glimpse of his three boys growing up in front of him. He barely interacts with them because he's so clearly focused on this one case, this man is all in.
In the meantime, because of the court's slow processes, Dupont's putting roadblocks at every turn, and the slowness of a medical testing company that was reviewing, over sixty thousand blood tests, people were continuing to be poisoned and die from being exposed to C8.
We watch as the stress of doing the right thing for his client requires him to take reductions in pay because he's spending all his time on this case that has no paying client. We watch him feel the pain while watching his clients deteriorate because of the poison.
His wife Sarah (Anne Hathaway) tries to keep their family together, showing undying support, even as she sees the deterioration of her husband because of the deeply committed compassion to see this lawsuit through for the people who are being harmed.
One thing the film made sure of was the darkness of this subject. Every scene is dark in color or filled with gray skies.
Ruffalo was excellent as the committed attorney who gave up almost everything, including his life, to find and fight for the truth. Hathaway was superb as his supportive wife attempting to keep their family together while Robert fights for the truth. Robbins was influential as Bilott's boss and senior managing partner of their law firm, showing support for Robert on this long trail to truth. Camp was terrific, and the driven farmer and rancher who committed his life to making sure Dupont was charged for their crimes against his community. Victor Garber, as Phil Donnelly, a senior executive in Dupont, was supreme in his portrayal of being the mouthpiece of corporate malfeasance. Mare Winningham, as Darlene Kiger, a Parkersburg resident, was fantastic. It was lovely to see her on the screen again. Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan wrote a powerfully detailed script. Todd Haynes did a great job of creating the feel corporate malfeasance and the difficulty of making wealthy companies pay for their crimes against humanity.
Overall: This is an excellent story about the power of perseverance.

Dark watershed. Dark waters streaming. Duh! Youre stealing the beauty of the ocean. Dark waters cleveland. Dark waters showtimes. Seriously what a good movie. Thank you for makers for making this kind of movie. Seriously well acted, well directed, and well written. Thank you Dark Waters! Great show! Looking forward to part II. Dark waters youtube channel. Dark waters. I heard he caught this just for the halibut. Good work People of this world must unite and fight for safe free clean drinking water I Congratulate him for making this type of awareness. Even in India we had similar problems.

Stand user: Jojo Stand name: 「Blitzkreig」. Dark waters movie. Great story DW. Dark Waters A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution. Duration: 126 min Quality: SD Release: 2019 IMDb: 7. 1. Dark waters stories. Dark waters murder in the deep. Dark waters dupont. Imagine this was real. Dark waters csfd. Dark waters movie trailer. These events happened over several months in 2016, when me and my sister (then 16 and 14) first moved into our most recent apartment complex with our mother. We now call it the apartment complex from hell because there were many incidents like this (I wrote about two of them already: and) Admittedly, we were still into the hoverboard craze then, and would ride them around. This is how we met Savannah. She was our age and lived in our building. She asked to hang out, and we were happy to hopefully make new friends so we said yes. We hung out outside the complex at a little park area. It got dark, and we started making up ghost stories. Turns out, she liked creepy paranormal stuff like we did (NOTE: I did not actually believe in this stuff and still don’t. Every time I reference the paranormal, it is hyperbole). As we were walking home, the light in one of the apartment hallways flickered, and I joked and said it was a spirit trying to communicate with us. Savannah made up a “flash once for yes, twice for no” system to communicate with the “spirit” and we messed around a bit. We thought it was just harmless fun. The next day, she runs over to us, excited. She informs us that the spirit we had met last night told her its name was Kiran and that it meant “light” so it all made perfect sense now. We asked her how she knew, and she said she went back later that night, alone, to talk to it. This was the first time it occurred to us that she might have really believed in this stuff. Our aunt had given us an old Ouija board as a joke the year before, and we thought Savannah might like it. Savannah lit up and said she wanted to try and talk to Kiran. So we huddled in the hallway connecting the apartments and put our hands on the board. We kept getting random letters that didn’t make sense, but soon Savannah’s questions were directed to Kiran. We felt her moving the planchette and called her out, but she got mad and said she’d prove it. She took her hand off the planchette, and it no longer moved. She just huffed and insisted it wasn’t her. Over the next few weeks, we did mostly normal stuff with her. But she kept talking about the ghosts and Ouija boards until we broke down and played it again. This time, we were introduced to a new ghost—Evan. We knew it was Savannah moving the planchette but were curious about the story she was making so let her follow through. Evan was a ghost—or demon rather—about our age who wanted free from a greater demon controlling him. That greater demon’s name? Kiran. Savannah’s parents called her inside, and conveniently, Evan “had to go” too. He told us he’d protect us against Kiran, especially Savannah. Savannah commented on how cute that was for him to offer. A few days go by normally, but then Savannah’s back to tell us she has a boyfriend. We are happy for her until she tells us his name is Evan. We’re wondering what the hell she’s talking about, and she explains that, while sleeping over at another friend’s house, something had tugged off her shorts while she slept. She’d woken up, and heard Evan’s voice (? ). Then he’d visited her in her dreams and asked to date, or something like that. She’d said yes. Of course, we know she made up Evan so we’re kind of like, what is wrong with you, and we don’t talk about the demon stuff anymore. Now, Savannah was extremely possessive over her friends. When she’d see us with someone else, she’d text us non-stop about why we hadn’t invited her. We tried to keep our distance, but she lived on the ground floor and literally watched out her window waiting for us to come outside. She’d latch onto us. We didn’t know much about her home life but she always seemed troubled. She had scars on her wrists and talked about running away from home. Her parents seemed alright, if rather strict and religious. We still hung out with her because we were worried but were starting to feel weird about it. Worse, she’d randomly show up holding her hand out, saying Evan was holding her hand. She’d look at random things and laugh when no one was talking because Evan had told her a joke. Once, she made us feel her cheek where it was supposedly warm from Evan kissing her. It was not warm. One day my sister and I were bored from her talking to “Evan” on the Ouija board—she was still controlling the whole thing—and wanted some fun. I texted my mom to call my phone from a blocked number and play creepy sounds. Looking back, this was one of the dumbest things I did, but at the time it was just for fun. My mom made the call, and I put it on speaker. Savannah is living for it, especially when my mom played a track from a scary movie about a ghost. My mom took it a step further and threw a banana off our third-story balcony for us to see. Savannah said it was a sign that Kiran was winning. We had no idea of the fire this would light in her. We were about to tell her it was a prank but again her mom called her inside. She found us again the next day, and I came clean about the prank. She laughed and said there was no way we could have done that. I said, no, my mom literally did all of it. Well Savannah had told her friend about it, who’d told her that yellow objects (like the banana) were a sign of the devil and seeing them meant the devil was hunting you. This was all she talked about for a while, but since nothing else happened, she gradually forgot. Things went back to normal for a while. Until Autumn moved in. Autumn and Savannah connected instantly because of their history with depression. Autumn was a few years younger than us but had hell of a lot more of a past. This included significant time spent in psychiatric facilities and violence toward her classmates and family. Autumn claimed she heard demons talk to her at night, and just like that, the ghost stuff had started again. Savannah felt threatened by Autumn and felt the need to one-up her with ghost stuff. She told her Evan was her ghost brother that looked out for her. I was like, hold on, you claimed he was your boyfriend. She giggled and said “that’s gross! He’s my brother. ” Her story had completely switched. Now, she was “dating” another demon named Jacob, and they were engaged. She even showed us a ring to prove it. The next week or so was literally like a match between them to see who was the darkest and most involved in the spiritual world or whatever. They’d compare scars on their wrists and brag about cutting themselves and doing things like sneaking out in the night. In a move to one-up Autumn, Savannah drew a giant pentagram in the parking lot with chalk. Her parents found out, and she backed out and blamed it on Autumn. The next freaking day, people come to repave the parking lot. The pentagram is now buried under it forever, literally. Savannah moved on to saying her friend had found Jacob’s body and was going to “put his spirt back inside it”. Savannah continued to take advice from this friend, who fueled everything she did. Savannah now said the friend was teaching her witchcraft. We mostly avoided her at this point, but she’d ask us to do things like make holy water with her and try and summon her a familiar. From that point on, she insisted she was a “fire witch” and walked around wearing all black with Halloween-like makeup on her face. She and Autumn frequently snuck out together, and occasionally we’d see cop cars at her house. My sister and I were avoiding them both, but now we’d get fiery texts from both of them if we hung out with other people—especially our guy friends. Once, they saw us get home, and stood in the parking lot pretending to be possessed. Autumn also cut off all her hair and claimed to have tried to kill her teacher. My sister and I knew it was bullshit—or at least, we hoped—but Savannah took it so seriously. She’d go around telling neighbors of terrible crimes she committed or wanted to commit. She even told us that when she’d first seen us outside with hoverboards that she’d wished for them to blow up. One day, we again saw the police come to her door, and the officers had jackets that said they were from the juvenile justice department. Her mom pulled me, my sister, and our mom aside to explain what was going on. Apparently, two years before, they’d discovered Savannah taking with a man online. Her messages to him were “hiring” him to come literally kill her parents, after making threats of killing them a few days before. We were able to confirm the story after petsitting for them and finding court papers about it. We’d known she was on probation but she’d always tell us different stories as to why. Savannah continued to beg us to hang out with her after that, even inviting herself to spend the night. We avoided her at all costs, but she’d follow us everywhere. It kind of died down when Autumn moved out, and Savannah moved with her family shortly after. Since then, she’s started doing service hours at a horse stables and graduated high school. I really hope she’s gotten happier and more stable. Autumn messaged my sister a few months ago, asking to call her mom to confirm she was with us (she wasn’t), and we later saw her with a nineteen year old dude (she’s 14 now). Me and my sister and mom have moved as well. There were too many incidents in those apartments. Our new place is so quiet and peaceful. But to Savannah and Autumn: Let’s never meet again.

Dark waters book.

Great stories, first heard you on Beyond The Darkness, keep up the good work. 👍✌

Só estava esperando ele ficar verde e destruir tudo. opa, filme errado. I see Ben Affleck and WB then its BatAffleck 😍. It's not just people, it's the whole world of plants and animals and insects on land, in the sea and in the air. The answer is simple. If it doesn't exist in nature, it should be banned. Dupont and companies like it should not be allowed to Frankenstein the planet. Dark waters diana. Dark waters movie 2019 movie. Dark waters afdah. Love all Jeremy Wade series absolutely stunning.

Dark waters movie showtimes. The story looks like a mix between a civil action and cabin fever. YouTube. Dark water. Dark waters true story. Dark waters 2020. Make this movie a hit. Disgusting what these greedy companies are doing to us. Dark waters olga. Dark waters film. Dark waters review. Dark waters jeremy wade 8. Dark waters pfas. Like many new parents, I first became acquainted with the various Baby Shark melodies through autoplay on YouTube. My daughter Maya was only two weeks old when we went through a rough bout of colic. I tried to soothe her by rocking, swaddling, and cluster feeding - but nothing worked. On one particularly difficult night, I felt like I was losing my mind, so I searched for baby songs online and just picked the first playlist that popped up. I continued to walk around the room, rocking her to the rhythms of familiar childhood songs like twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider, and others. The playlist didn’t stop her from crying, but it cheered me up a little and drowned out my fussy baby’s relentless screams. Then, something miraculous happened. The slow version of Baby Shark came on and Maya stopped crying. She gazed up at the ceiling with an awed expression, her tiny mouth twitching a little - the first hint of a smile. From that day on, my daughter loved everything Baby Shark - including alternative versions like Halloween Sharks, Santa Shark, and so on. It was around this time that my parents took a trip to South Korea. Apart from soaking their bones in Busan’s hot springs, they spent a lot of time walking the Haeundae promenade, exploring unique food stalls and street shops. At one of these shops, they found a yellow Baby Shark toy. They bought it off the local vendor in a heartbeat, happy to have found a souvenir for their tiny granddaughter. To say it was love at first sight is to say nothing at all. My daughter’s first laugh was at her new plushie friend. She knew who ‘Baby Shark’ was before she recognized words like ‘mama’ and 'dada'. We sleep trained her in one night thanks to his soft, pillow-like texture. When she first rolled over, it was to get closer to the toy, because he’d slipped out of reach. My daughter is just over a year old now, and for every major milestone, vacation trip, and family photo session - Baby Shark has never left her side. It was super cute at first. Lots of babies have lovies and it’s a great relief to parents when there’s a sure-fire way to stop crying with a toy or cartoon. However, I began to notice some weird things about the toy. Like, it was almost never where I thought I’d left it. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, because whenever Maya started crying I’d just be relieved that Baby Shark was within arm’s reach. When she grew out of her fussier phase, I realized he was never in a different room from my daughter. This was weird because I’d pick her up and carry her around to different rooms for diaper changes, baths, playtime, and mealtimes. My husband blamed mom brain, and I rationalized it away. Like with all her milestones, we were super excited when Maya first started babbling. But my joy quickly turned to dread when I watched videos of other newborns’ first babbles. They were primitive attempts at making ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘m’ noises. My daughter sounded like she was actually talking with an intonation scale, sometimes accompanied by laughter and hand waving. All this at just four months! As you may have guessed, she only ever babbled at Baby Shark. Once again, my husband thought I was being paranoid. “We have a genius baby and you’re just trying to hate, ” he’d said. I kept my suspicions to myself after that. Sometimes, I’d check the baby monitor after bedtime and see the toy glowing like a yellow night light, only to blink and find everything looked normal a second later. During the day, I often felt like I was being watched, particularly if I went breaking mom (allowing too much screen time; cussing out loud; browsing social media instead of playing with Maya or doing chores). Whenever I did anything like that, I’d feel the usual prickle of mom guilt, and then something more sinister. I’d look up and see Baby Shark nearby, staring me down. Whenever this happened, small punishments would follow. Like, I’d stub my toe, or crack my phone screen, or nip myself shaving. It was never serious, and just maybe it was only a coincidence, but it didn’t feel like it. I was severely creeped out. Was this some weird hallucinatory strain of postpartum depression? I needed to get a grip. Stay-at-home parenting was taking its toll. Two months ago, my husband went away on a business trip to San Diego. I was so not in the mood to handle a teething baby on my own for a week. I switched on YouTube and put Maya and Baby Shark in the playpen in front of the TV so I could get some tidying done. Popping my Airpods in, I busied myself with housework while listening to a podcast. I’d check in with Maya every 5-10 minutes to make sure everything was okay. She was just fine, entranced by the screen, safely secured in her play area. I’ll admit that I took longer to clean than was strictly necessary. I finished up by taking out the trash. Just as I was going back inside, a college friend called me. A girl we’d housed with had just posted a trashy picture on Facebook and my friend wanted me to see it before it got deleted. I was glued to my phone for a good twenty minutes after, gossiping like a silly schoolgirl. When I finally got back to the living room, I felt the familiar pang of guilt. I didn’t want to look, but he was right there. Baby Shark’s stitched black eyes bore into me, accusing me of being a selfish, inattentive mother. I got really angry. Enough was enough. Why was this toy making me get defensive when I’d done nothing wrong? I grabbed the stupid thing and took it upstairs to the nursery. I delighted in slamming the toy chest shut on his goofy, toothy grin. I hesitated before going back downstairs, half-convinced I’d find the yellow fiend back in the same spot, but Maya’s wails from the living room assured me she didn’t have her friend at her side. My daughter was hysterical, but I’d had enough. This was getting ridiculous. She should be able to get through an evening without a silly shark toy. Maya’s attachment to the thing was just unhealthy at this point. After a giant tantrum, she finally calmed down. We had dinner, took a bath, read her favorite bedtime book, and I put her to bed. Without Baby Shark, it was like the colic had come back in full swing. I went back downstairs as she screamed and screamed. I decided to let her cry it out just this once. I was furious with Baby Shark for having so much pull, but more honestly, I was disgusted with myself and my shitty behavior that day. After a few minutes of self-reflection, I understood that I was mistreating my daughter because of some utterly bizarre insecurities. I was about to go back to the nursery and reunite Maya with her lovey, when I glanced my worst nightmare coming to life on the baby monitor. No amount of horror movies, scary stories, or news reports can prepare you for the sight of your infant child in grave danger. The terror that coursed through my body made me realize that I would endure a thousand more tantrums, relish in the worst teething nights, and wash up countless diaper blowouts with a smile on my face - if only I could prevent the abduction taking place in front of my eyes. There was a tall, dark figure standing at the foot of the bed, trying to grab Maya as she darted around her crib cot. Luckily, she had already learned to walk while holding onto something, so the intruder was struggling to get ahold of her. There was no time to call for help. I sprinted upstairs, into Maya’s nursery. Without even thinking, I grabbed a hall lamp and flung it at the stranger’s head as soon as I entered the room. I’d only grazed him, but the distraction caused him to stumble back, buying me a split second to shove the creep further away, grab Maya, and run out. I could feel the pursuer hot at my heels until I got to the head of the stairs and he tripped behind us. The last thing I heard was the man screaming as I ran down the stairs and out of the house. I jogged over to the neighbors next door with Maya crying in my arms. The police discovered a peculiar scene in our house. The man was gone, but there were signs of a bloody struggle in the hallway upstairs. I was allowed to go inside and fetch some of Maya’s things, so we could stay with my parents while the police investigated the crime scene. A senior detective escorted me, asking elaborate questions about our day. He asked if I’d recognized the man, but I hadn't. I’d barely gotten a glimpse and he'd seemed entirely ordinary. No one I would think about twice if I'd met him on the street. Only after answering all the detective’s questions did I realize that I’d forgotten to lock the front door after taking out the trash. The intruder must have slipped inside while I was on the phone and gone upstairs to hide in one of the closets. What he planned to do from there on is made clear by the contents of the bicycle bag which he’d dropped. Police officers found duct tape, a carving knife, and one of Maya’s old onesies inside. The one we’d given away to charity weeks ago. A pale-faced young officer emerged from the nursery as the detective and I approached. “You need to see this, sir, ” he said, swallowing loudly. The detective allowed me to enter the nursery where two other policemen were laying flat on the floor, shining their torches under Maya’s crib cot. A crime scene photographer dropped down to take some shots of the mysterious scene. As soon as he finished, one of the officers pulled a large, mangled foot out from under the bed. The room fell into hushed amazement. “Does, ” the senior detective looked bewildered. “Does that look like it’s been chewed off? ” I didn’t need to see any more. I quickly gathered Maya’s things and looked for Baby Shark. For once, he had remained in the right place, inside the toy trunk. There was a slight difference, but I paid it no mind. Nothing a little cold water and ammonia couldn’t handle. “Heh, cute shark toy, ” the young officer commented as I walked out the room. “Love the blood spatter pattern, ” he laughed. “Thanks, ” I called back as I went to rejoin my parents and Maya downstairs. _____________ Please, dear parents of r/NoSleep, if your child happens to have this toy, don’t be suspicious, don’t be afraid. Watch out for Baby Shark, and I guarantee he’ll watch out for your little ones in return.

Dark water damage restoration.


Night no lights on and drifting in the boating lane. geez how stupid can one be... Even amateurs know better than that. It's crazy 😔. Dark waters jeremy wade. Dahlia Williams and her daughter Cecelia move into a rundown apartment on New York’s Roosevelt Island. She is currently in midst of divorce proceedings and the apartment, though near an excellent school for her daughter, is all she can afford. From the time she arrives, there are mysterious occurrences and there is a constant drip from the ceiling in her daughter’s bedroom. No links available No downloads available 7. 5 Dirty Wars 2013 6. 5 A Perfect Murder 1998 5. 8 Darker Shades of Elise 2017 7. 0 Public Enemies 2009 4. 7 Swing State 2016 6. 1 Mr. Pig 5. 3 Hostile Border 2015 6. 6 The Great Gilly Hopkins 4. 5 Feast of the Body The Babymoon Watch Movies Online © 2018 All rights reserved FREE MOVIES WATCH MOVIES ONLINE FREE FREE MOVIES ONLINE WATCH FULL MOVIES ONLINE FREE ONLINE MOVIES FULL WATCH MOVIES 123Movies.

Dark watersports. Latest News 2020: Remember to bookmark or keep in your mind domain, because Google delete all 123movies website from search results. 9. 64 Rating (11) ( 11 votes, average: 9. 64 out of 5) Loading... Dark Waters (2019) Inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths due to one of the world’s largest corporations. In the process, he risks everything — his future, his family, and his own life — to expose the truth. Genre: Biography,  Drama,  History,  Thriller Director: Todd Haynes Actors: Anne Hathaway, Bill Camp, Bill Pullman, Mare Winningham, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Victor Garber, William Jackson Harper Country: USA Duration: 126 min Quality: HD Release: 2019 IMDb: 7. 6.

Dark waters full movie. It feels like this movie is being swept under the rug. I won't say by whom, but I will remove my tin foil hat now. Fantastic fantastic film. This movie really rocked my world. It took me a few days to calm down I was so enraged at the subject matter. Unbelievable crimes against humanity. But because Dupont makes 75 billion dollars a year nobody can touch them. Not even the government. Evvryone should see this. Very thrilling and well made. Mark Rufallo can go fly a kite though. He's the same as he always is.

I am living for this look on Anne. I want to go to the nearest Talbots and buy a jean vest! She is serving Chico's realness.
Dark waters (2019.
Dark waters cast.
Glad you finally posted another one. I was going through withdrawals. seriously tho love the channel and agree totally with your stance. quality over quantity. Keep up the great work.

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Премьера (мир): 2019-11-22 Премьера (РФ): 2020-02-06 Сборы в мире: $11 516 386 Рейтинг: HD   8. 9   votes: (99), КП   7. 4   votes: ( 1 923), IMDb   7. 6   votes: ( 11 527) Рейтинг MPAA: PG-13 (Детям до 13 лет просмотр не желателен) Время: 126 мин. Адвокат Роберт Билотт, работавший корпоративным юристом химического холдинга DuPont, выступает с обвинением в суде против своей бывшей компании, которая десятилетиями цинично травила людей, загрязняя химикатами питьевую воду. Он ведет это дело 19 лет. Сможет ли он пролить свет на правду?

Dark waters trailer 2019. Dark waters vladimir chromas. Dark waters showtimes near me. Glad your back missed you. Dark waters vladimir. Jesus. Im in love. Batfleck😪❤.




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